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Inspired by the Getting St[ART]ed Workshop in 2021, the genARTS steering committee strongly believes emerging artists should have access to funds to support their artistic practice. During the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging artists may have taken a hiatus from their practice, or developed a new idea or project based on what they experienced to meet community needs. The genARTS Emerging Artist Micro-Grant provides assistance in helping artists start or complete a project that never got finished or started. The purpose of this grant is to aid the artist in their process and may be used by the grant winners discretion.


genARTS Silicon Valley is piloting a micro-grants program to help artists launch or complete a project of their choice. The genARTS Emerging Artist Micro-Grant offers a streamlined grant application process to help emerging artists in Santa Clara County gain access to unrestricted funds to support an impactful and community-minded project. To kick start this new initiative, genARTS is looking for artists and leaders to strengthen and diversify the local arts scene. Grant awardees will be featured in the upcoming Creative Conversation panel in Fall 2022.
2 Applicants will be awarded $1,200.


  • For-profit and nonprofit organizations are not eligible.

  • Institutions of primary and secondary education are not eligible.

  • Local governments are not eligible.

  • Grants may not be applied toward support for political or religious purposes, fundraisers for other organizations or causes, capital improvements, lobbying, or projects already completed.

Applications are closed.

Emerging Artist Micro-Grant

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