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At New Museum Los Gatos



Submissions have been extended through Sunday, June 9!

In partnership with New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU), we are proud to announce the 4th annual Experimental Exhibition, a juried show where artists from across Santa Clara County are invited to create a work of art exploring the concept of Boundaries. Boundaries will be on view at NUMU (106 E Main St, Los Gatos) from July 19 through October 6, 2024.

We invite submissions of painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and mixed media. As an “experimental” exhibition, we encourage artists, emerging or otherwise, to reach beyond and think unconventionally. We highly encourage artists to create a piece in response to the theme or submit one that hasn’t been exhibited before and has been created within the past three years.

Submit a work that examines the boundaries that exist in your world, be they self-imposed, societally, or politically created. How do boundaries manifest? How can individuals and artists move beyond boundaries? Explore the diverse ways in which boundaries can both connect us and separate us.  

Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme broadly. Submissions may explore physical borders, emotional boundaries, societal divisions, and beyond. Your work may navigate the theme through the lens of setting boundaries, breaking barriers, or redefining limits. This exhibition aims to foster a dialogue on the multifaceted nature of boundaries.


Sat, April 20 Submissions open

Sun, June 9 Submissions close

Sat, June 29 & Sun, June 30 Artwork Drop-off (11 AM-2 PM)

Fri, July 19 Exhibition opens at NUMU

Sun, October 6 Exhibition closes

About NUMU

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New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) is a public, non-profit art & history museum with a mission to engage the community at the intersection of art, history, and education through innovative, locally connected and globally relevant exhibits, programs, and experiences.​


Help Us Create Opportunities!

Your Name in the Museum!  
Donors contributing the suggested donation of $20 will be mentioned in the experimental exhibition and invited to a private curator tour (with a free glass of wine!). All donors will receive an invitation to the opening night with free entrance. Supporters are mentioned in the Experimental Exhibition gallery. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Your donation has impact! 

By donating a small amount, you can help 60-70 local artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work at a professional museum, many of whom are emerging and have little to no exhibiting experience. Our fundraising goal is $4,000, and all donations directly support the professional services and operational cost to curate, install, administer, and promote the exhibition, as well as the exhibition’s programming including an artist opening reception and arts resources fair. 


Your business as an official sponsor

Enjoy significant logo placement and marketing benefits for your business by becoming an official sponsor of Boundaries. Various sponsorship levels are available, starting at $250. For more information, check out our sponsorship brochure. If your organization is interested in being an official exhibition sponsor, please reach out to

Why donate? 

Silicon Valley artists face the challenging combination of high costs of living and a lack of sustainable income and funding sources. These challenges are pushing our creative force to leave the region, deeply affecting our economy. In response, genARTS Silicon Valley, which is entirely volunteer-run, focuses on creating a strong and creative arts community by offering otherwise inaccessible, capacity-building opportunities for artists at all career stages. We recognize and believe that a creative community elevates the quality of life of all. 


This summer, Boundaries will be one of the largest museum group exhibitions of local artists in Silicon Valley. genARTS calls on art supporters throughout Santa Clara County to help realize this meaningful project.

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