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Professional Development Workshops & Conversations

At different times of the year we hold workshops or meetings focused on various areas of professional development. Most of our offerings in this area are targeted at emerging professionals looking to grow their knowledge base, but at times our professional development workshops apply to individuals at different stages of their career.

Creative Conversations*

Held in October to coincide with National Arts & Humanities Month and Americans for the Arts’ national Creative Conversations, the theme of this annual conversation changes each year to focus on a pressing issue/topic for the local arts and culture community. *Annually in October.

Power Brunch

Held once a quarter, these intimate brunches for eight bring together local arts and culture leaders (established, mid-career, and emerging) to explore areas of interest, discuss best practices, and share tools of the trade. These gatherings enable networking and sharing of ideas on a more casual, personal level and have the potential to grow into more established partnerships or mentorships. And the meal is on genARTS!

Networking & Meet Ups

genARTS offers a variety of networking opportunities that break the mold of traditional networking events. We like to bring people together for a shared experience  to allow the networking to develop naturally as people are having fun and engaging in the arts. At times, our meet-ups are offered in partnership with other local institutions and programs.

Movers & Shakers*

To celebrate the end of the year, we host an annual Movers and Shakers event in December to thank and acknowledge local arts leaders and creatives who are making significant contributions to the local art and creative scene. *Annually in December.

Scholarships to Conferences

To support the professional development of our members, genARTS offers financial support for individuals to attend the annual Americans for the Arts conference (AFTACON) and occasionally for the National Arts Marketing Program (NAMP) Conference.  Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about other institutions that offer scholarships to other conferences and professional development workshops.

Emerging Artist Grant

We are currently redesigning this program to feature new aspects of mentorship and coaching for artists, in addition to the financial grant component. Stay tuned as new details roll out later this year.

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